Black Alligator Purse for $8000 or $65?

A perfect handbag can make an outfit whether you choose to carry a bag with a pop of color or a  beautiful black bag that goes from day to evening. I'm always amazed with the wide variety of handbags and prices available. 

When I saw the price of this Miche-a-like bag, with a jaw dropping price of $8000, my first thought was "Do you know how many Miche Bags you can have for $8000?!" 

So, you can order the Miche Classic Base Bag with the Ebony Shell of animal-friendly faux leather shown below for $65.00 that will ship to you in 2 business days or you can spend $8000.00 for a real alligator bag and wait 4-6 weeks for shipment. 

With a Miche Bags and Shells in any of the four sizes available, you can have amazing style at a price that won't make you faint or demolish your budget.

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