Miche February 2013 Shells

Are you ready for the new Miche February 2013 Shells? Here's a sneak peek of what is available to order on February 1st. New Petite, Classic, Demi and Prima Shells,. plus new handle options, new hip bags and a new beautiful teal wallet.

Miche February 2013 Shells

Bethany Petite Shell • Yolanda Petite Shell (sold out)
Jayden Petite Shell (sold out) • Aerial Petite Shell (sold out)
Beth Classic Shell • Brette Classic Shell (sold out)
Virginia Classic Shell • Chase Classic Shell (sold out)
Emmie Classic Shell • Elaine Classic Shell (sold out)
Peggy Demi Shell (sold out) • Kjersti Demi Shell (sold out) • Emilye Demi Shell
Lana Demi Shell  (sold out) • Rose Demi Shell (sold out) • Kaye Demi Shell (sold out)
Caylin Demi Shell (sold out) • Kylie Demi Shell • Paula Demi Shell
Anndrea Demi Shell (sold out) • Christina Demi Shell
Courtney Prima Shell (sold out) • Paulette Prima Shell • Angie Prima Shell

Miche February 2013 Specialty Bags

Black Convertible Wallet (sold out) • Reggie Hip Bag  (sold out)

Miche February 2013 Release - Handles and Teal Wallet

White Croc Fashion Handles (sold out) • Cream Handle Straps
Teal Wallet • Gold Carabiners 

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Miche February 2013 Shells

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