Miche Serenity Demi Shell in Cobalt Blue

Miche Serenity Demi Shell The Miche Serenity Demi Shell is a fabulous cobalt blue and perfect to jazz up your wardrobe.

The Serenity for Demi Miche Bags is all about fun and joi de vivre! Cobalt blue pebble-grained faux leather is accented with a bright gold zipper and tiny rivet accents on the front.

She’s perfect for pairing with your favorite jeans or for adding a zing of color to a neutral or all white outfit.

Deep open front pockets put your daily essentials within easy reach.  Bag features side seams and a square bottom.


The cobalt blue Shells were so popular, Serenity has sold out!  Miche is changing the way they stock Shells, so if you see one you love, don't delay, order it right away or it may be gone :(

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Miche April 2013 Release

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