Miche Tanya Classic Shell

Miche Tanya Classic Shell - May 2013 from MyStylePurses.com With the Miche Tanya Classic Shell, you can glide effortlessly from your daytime activities to an evening out.

The beautiful and utterly unique Tanya for Classic Miche Bags is a vision in shades of green glossy faux snakeskin.  The Shell is offset with black contrast stitching and charcoal cobblestone-textured corner and bottom accents.

This shell is shown with optional Black Rope Handles (sold separately.)

Miche Tanya Classic Shell

Price $24.95


The Tanya Classic Shell is sold out and retired.  Miche is changing the way they stock Shells, so if you see a Shell you love, don't delay, order it right away or it may be gone :(

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Miche May 2013 Release

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