Miche Tatum Prima Shell

Miche Tatum Prima Shell May 2013 from MyStylePurses.com
The Miche Tatum Prima Shell is a juicy, zesty  stunning purse that lets simple styling and beautiful orange color do all the talking.

The Tatum Prima Shell brings a refreshing burst of citrus to your favorite outfit or a stunning contrast with white or black!

Black reversed side seams with painted edging, white stitching, and two exterior side pockets highlight this orange peel textured faux leather bag.

Miche Tatum Prima Shell


It's true!  This Shell was so on trend, it is already gone!  Miche is changing the way they stock Shells, so if you see a Shell you love, don't delay, order it right away or it may be gone :(

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Miche May 2013 Release

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