Miche Azailia Demi Shell

Miche Azailia Demi Shell May 2013 from MyStylePurses.com The Miche Azailia Demi Shell is a bright purple and white ombre printed canvas.

The Azailia for Demi Miche Bags also features a  liberal sprinkling of sun-catching mini stud accents. **All shells are different and the photo is only a representation of the colors of this shell. Your Shell may not match this photo due to the cut of the material.

Miche Azailia Demi Shell


Azailia was so hot, she's sold out and retired. Miche is changing the way they stock Shells, so if you see one you love, don't delay, order it right away or it may be gone :(

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Miche May 2013 Release

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