Denim Miche Americana Demi Shell

Miche Americana Demi Shell from MyStylePurses.blogspot.comIs there anything more all-American than jeans? The Americana for Demi Miche Bags features dark blue denim fabric with removable cotton star-print sash in patriotic colors. She also comes with an extra satin/silk abstract-print sash in yellow so you can enjoy a whole new look for your Americana whenever the mood strikes. Fun! Back zippered pocket. Streamlined design with oval bottom. 

Miche Americana Demi Shell

Price $39.95

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It's true!  This Shell was so on trend, it is already gone! Miche is changing the way they stock Shells, so if you see one you love, don't delay, order it right away or it may be gone :(


Miche June 2013 Collection - Limited Edition Releases

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