Where are the White Miche Handles?

Today, I had a post that was from "Anonymous" so there was no way for me to reply directly to them, but here's the post:

"I am HIGHLY disappointed that summer is here 
& you are out of the WHITE petite handles. 
What the heck. IT'S SUMMER!! SUMMER WHITE???"

Why am I posting this here? Because I agree!  It's summer and because it's summer, we are all sold out of the extremely popular white handles.  The handles shown below are so popular, they just fly out of the warehouse!  

So, here's the status on the white and cream handles:

 Miche Cream Interchangeable Handle Straps

 Miche Tan Rope Interchangeable Handle Straps

Miche White Croc Fashion Handles - out of Stock and Retired

Miche Petite White Handles
we're sorry to say, this handle is sold out and has been retired

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