November Miche Collection 2013

November Miche Collection 2013 starts the Winter collection and offers something different for everyone.
  • Deep oxblood red for those who love warm, rich colors
  • Cool and sexy navy in the deepest shade of midnight
  • Lush emerald green for women of myster
  • Color-blocked Shells in earthy tones and new silhouettes for Demi bags 
The holiday shopping season has begun...Enjoy!

Miche Aubrey Shells from
Miche Joanne Shells from
Miche Kasi Shells from
Miche Kelsey Shells from
Miche McCall Shells from
Miche Norma Shells from
Miche Vixen Shells from
Miche Espresso Brown Braided Handles from
New from the Miche Seasonal Jewelry Collection at
New from the Miche Double Pendant Collection at

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Miche November 2013 Release

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