Miche March 2014 Release

The Miche March 2014 Release is all about luxury. The Luxe Collection, that is. Caracas is a cool mint green handbag with gunmetal hardware and rivet detailing. The Montreal is black laser perforated layer over white with illusion belt detailing.

 Miche Luxe Caracas Shells | Shop MyStylePurses.com

Each Luxe Shell comes with matching handles, a key fob and a dust cover for storage. The Luxe Shells come in Classic, Demi and Prima sizes. The Montreal Shells have been retired and are no longer available.

 Miche Luxe Montreal Shells | Shop MyStylePurses.com

 Miche Hope Clover Accent | Shop MyStylePurses.com

The delightful Miche Hope Clover Accent for the Single Pendant Base Necklace is made with Berr Beads created by women of the Kaberamaido Cooperative. Kaberamaido is home to thousands of orphaned children and single mothers—the result of civil war, disease and severe poverty. These colorful and eco-friendly beads, made from recycled magazines, are a key source of income for these resilient women.

We are proud to highlight their craftsmanship in the creation of this stunning piece. A portion of the proceeds benefits our Hope Initiative.

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Miche March 2014 Release

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