What is a "Shell?"

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What is a Shell?
A "Shell" is now called a "Face" and it is an interchangeable, decorative exterior piece that fits over a Miche Base Bag. Base Bags and Faces are available in four sizes:  Petite, Classic (shown here), Demi and Prima.

What are the Faces made of?
The Miche Bag Faces use a variety of materials, the most common is polyurethane. This material is very popular in the fashion industry due to its durability and versatility and is often referred to as "faux leather."  Canvas, cotton, nylon, or textured nylon may also be used.  All Miche products are made from 100% man made materials and are completely animal friendly.

How do the Faces Stay in Place?
The Faces are held in place on the base bag by a specific type of permanent magnets called "earth magnets".  These magnets are harmless to credit cards, cell phones, iPods, and other similar electronic devices.

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How do I care for my Miche Bag?
If your Face or Base Bag becomes slightly soiled, you may wipe the bag or Faces with a damp cloth.

How do I store my Miche Faces?
The Miche Bag Closet Organizer comes in two sizes - Prima & Demi Closet Organizer and Classic & Petite Closet Organizer. The organizer is ideal for easy access and storage of Miche Bag Faces. With its sleek design, and the minimal space it takes up, you may be inspired to reorganize your whole closet!

Without the organizer it is best to store Faces flat with a piece of protective material, such as tissue paper, between each Face. This will protect all your Faces from transferring color onto each other—which is one of the characteristics of polyurethane.

How often do new Faces come out?
New designs are released frequently and will be featured here on our Blog or shop and purchase on MyStylePurses.com.

Miche Bag...Endless Possibilities

Miche Bag...Endless Possibilities