Miche Bag Quick Clip Shoulder Strap

Perfect for both the Demi and Prima Bags, this ingenious Quick-Clip Strap allows you to just clip the carabiner rings into the grommets at the end of your bag and you're ready to go!

Quick-Clip Handle Length: 37"
Handle Width: 1.25"
Handle drop: 19"

How to change handles:
To change from the handles that came with your Demi or Prima base bag to the quick-clip handle, remove your base bag's existing handles AND the carabiners - the carabiners will stay with the handles you removed.

With your thumb, depress the piece of the carabiner on the Quick-Clip Strap that opens (and keep it open) and hook it into the grommets on the end of the purse making sure you hook both the shell an the base bag grommets at the same time. Repeat for the other side.

We suggest using the chain handles (brown only) and/or the single handle conversion kit to carry your Classic bag as a one handle bag.

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