Miche Prima Bag is Perfect to Hold your iPad

Miche Prima Bag InteriorThe Miche Prima Bag is the perfect bag to hold your iPad, your iPod, your work files, and basically double as a ultra-sophisticated briefcase.

But wait, there's more! Why be stuck with one boring briefcase? When you change your outfit, you can change your briefcase too by using a Miche Prima Base Bag and changing your Prima Bag's "Shell" as often as you change your look.

But...the secret to the Miche Prima Bag as an iPad holder is that you can HIDE your iPad in the space between the Base Bag and the Shell! Only you'll know it's there!

Can a laptop fit in a Miche Prima Bag? Absolutely! You can hide it in the space between the base bag and the shell too, just like an iPad.

How cool is that!  The Miche Prima Shells slip over the Miche Prima Base Bag and then "snap" into place by folding the two top slide flaps of the shell over the top sides of the base bag and snap, they are held together with earth magnets that won't let go (they are credit card and iPad friendly.)

You can also change your Prima Bag from two handles to one handle with the Single Handle Conversion Kit to switch handles or buy extra carabiners in in 1 inch and 1-1/2 inch sizes.

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