Miche Prima Bag

Miche Prima Base Bag
The Miche Prima Base Bag can carry it all! The Prima Bag is for the woman whose purse is also her office and it's large dimensions and soft sides allow you to carry just about everything you need with you.

The Prima Base Bag has soft sides, solid stitching and sturdy black canvas construction. It measures 5" deep x 15" wide x 12" tall - plenty big to hold your laptop or tablet as well as all your other necessities. Great as a briefcase or a fashionable book bag too.

Once you've chosen the Prima Base Bag, the fun begins! It's time to dress it up the base bag with a beautiful outer "shell" to match your outfit, your occasion or your personality.  The magic of the Miche Prima Bag is you can change your look by changing your shell as often as you want without ever having to disturb or move the contents inside your Prima Base Bag.

Inside of Miche Prima Base BagThe Miche Prima Bag fits all Prima Shells and Go-Anywhere Shells (sold separately.) To add or change your shell, simply insert the Prima Base Bag into the Prima Shell of your choice, fold the shell's two long side flaps over the sides of the base bag and the shell is now held in place by strong, earth-friendly magnets hidden in fold-over flaps. (The magnets are also credit card safe.)

The Prima Base Bag's beige fabric interior includes:
  • one large open pocket with card inserts
  • two small open pockets
  • two pen holders
  • one long zippered pocket
The handles shown come with the Bag and are 20" long.  You can change the look of the Prima Bag by changing out the handles with any of the available options:

You can wear your Prima Bag with the double handles it comes with, or with available accessories, you can style your Miche Prima Bag:
  • with a long adjustable strap
  • with a single or double specialty chain handles
  • with specialty handles in various colors or prints (show here with optional silver rope handles)
  • with the addition of more silver carabiners, you can create your own unique handle style and length

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