New August 2011 Miche Shells

Donna Prima Shell, Nikki Petite Shell, Jan'ee Classic Shell
Jocelynne Prima Shell, Melody Classic Shell

This fall season is an explosion of color and texture. We take the warmth of summer for granted, and then when the cooler days of fall come around we look for warmth in the colors we choose to wear. 

Miche thinks consumers are going to see a lot of surprises this fall season. You might not be expecting all the bright colors that are going to be so fashionable this season mixed in with all those neutral colors you love. It's going to make this fall fashion season a little more unexpected and a whole lot of fun. 

The Miche August Shell releases are no exception -- everything from elegant colors and fun prints to soft, ageless neutrals. The new Melody and Donna shells are classic and timeless—their cool greys and stone hues bring the heat down on summer temperatures yet still provide a sizzle all their own. Understated elegance is expressed through clean, warm colors and unfussy designs on the runway. Simplicity without compromise is always in demand—Jan’ee and Nikki with their minimalist color palette and basic geometry are exactly what this trend is about. 

Fabulous animal prints—you love them and so does the runway! For fall however, it’s out with the demure accents and in with strong, bold colors with a renewed fun attitude. The Jocelynne shell with her flirtatious purple and white zebra print says it all. 

We are really excited for this fall/winter season!

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