$34,000 for a Backpack?

No, that isn't a typo. The Olsen twins are selling an alligator backpack for their luxury brand The Row for $34,000.00  

I should do the math to see how many Miche Bag purses I could buy for $34,000.00. I bet it could keep me in purses and shells for a very, very, very long time!

If you like the look of exotic animal prints, you'll love the look (and the price) of these Miche purses.

Click on the images for details, pricing and to order:

Miche Bag Animal Print Purses

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Miche Bag Parker Prima Shell, Green Croc Purse Miche Bag Rosalyn Prima Shell, Deep Plum Croc Purse Miche Bag Janine Classic Shell, Pink and White Croc Purse Miche Bag Lexi Prima Shell, Giraffe Print Purse Miche Bag Jen Classic Shell, Snakeskin Purse Miche Bag Jennifer Classic Shell, Snakeskin Purse
Miche Joella Demi Shell Miche Bag Lisa Demi Shell, Bronze Leopard Print Purse Miche Bag Jocelynne Prima Shell, White and Purple Zebra Purse
Miche Bag Tess Petite Shell, Leopard Purse Miche Bag Tereasa Shell, Leopard Purse Miche Bag Silvia Classic Shell, Leopard Print Purse
 Miche Harper Classic Shell Miche Skylar Petite Shell Miche Bag Valerie Shell, Snakeskin Purse

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