Miche Carabiners (Rings)

What are Carabiners?

1" Carabiner Rings - Silver

Carabiners are the "rings" that hold the handles on the Miche Bags. Miche's carabiner rings are available to match the Shell's hardware color and come in:

How to Change Handles

A small section of the carabiner ring opens when depressed and that allows you to slide old straps out of the bag's loops and attach new ones handles.

Usually, the carabiners stay with the purse, not the handles when you change handles.

You can also add more carabiner rings to lengthen your straps, to convert to a single strap (instead of double straps) and more. There are several optional handle choices.

Classic Bag comes with 1 inch carabiners
Demi Bag comes with 1 inch carabiners
Prima Bag comes with 1 inch carabiners
Additional carabiners are available in 1 inch and 1-1/2 inch sizes and in silver, gold or antique brass finish to match the hardware or logo plate of your Miche Shell.

Converting to a single handle is one example of how to use extra carabiners. It's easy to change to a single handle with the Single Handle Conversion Kit (only available in silver at this time.)

The carabiner conversion kit contains 2 one-inch carabiners and 4 one-inch metal rings that do not open (in silver only.) When you remove the original handles from your base bag, keep the carabiners on the base bag.

For one side: Attach the conversion kit carabiner ring to the purse handle and the 2 metal rings into the carabiner rings on the base bag. Repeat for the other side. Using the conversion kit's 4 metal rings instead of all carabiner rings lessens the opportunity of carabiner rings potentially opening and disconnecting (rare, but could happen.)

Miche One Handle Conversion Kit

Antique Brass 1" Carabiner Rings and 1-1/2" Antique Brass Carabiner Rings are perfect to add to handles of Shells with antique brass logo plates and accents.

 Antique Brass 1" Carabiner Rings

      1-1/2" Antique Brass Carabiner Rings

Bright Gold 1" Carabiner Rings and 1-1/2" Bright Gold Carabiner Rings are new and are perfect to add to handles of Shells with bright gold logo plates and accents.

1" Bright Gold Carabiner Rings

1.5" Bright Gold Carabiner Rings

 Shop all Carabiner Rings and Handles

Miche Carabiner Rings

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