NEW April Miche Shells 2012 Release

Look what's new for April at Miche! Fun animal prints, 4 new coin purses, 2 new wallets, 3 new charmers and two new hip bags (no interchangeable as other purse designs).

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Come see the new "girls" at Miche:
a. Harlow Demi Shell (sold out)    b. Robie Prima Shell    c. Megan Demi Shell (sold out)
d. Skylar Petite Shell (sold out)   e. Lily Petite Shell (sold out)   f. Harper Classic Shell  (sold out)
g. Gumdrop Charmer (sold out)   h. Taffy Charmer (sold out)   i. Cotton Candy Charmer
j. Jayla Hip Bag (sold out)   k. Nina Hip Bag (sold out)   l. Lola Coin Purse (sold out)
m. Margo Coin Purse (sold out)   n. Skylar Coin Purse (sold out)   o. Kiki Coin Purse (sold out)
p. Soft Wallet Neutral Snake (sold out)   q. Soft Wallet Yellow (sold out)

April's hint of warmth gets us in the mood to dream about the upcoming sultry summer season. Welcome the upcoming season with bold prints and deep saturated colors that add a pop to your outfits.

The Petite Skylar Shell in timeless snow leopard of black and white never fails to feel fresh and animal print patterns are a style worth repeating season after season. 

A fun and bold contemporary twist on animal print patterns is the abstract look of the Harlow Demi Shell (sold out) and the Harper Classic Shell—they are sure to add extra pizazz to your favorite outfits. 

A must have for summer is an all-white purse. Gear up for the season with the stylish Megan Demi Shell. It's carefully-crafted details provide a retro touch with modern flair that will not disappoint.

There aren’t many colors more youthful and fun—yet as sophisticated—as the color purple. If purple is a favorite of yours, you can't go wrong with the Robie Prima Shell and Lily Petite Shell. Their unique shades of purple will magnetically draw the eye to their rich cool saturated colors. 

You’re already anxious for the hot months of summer to get here, and our April release will definitely tempt you to pull your flip-flops out early from their winter hibernation!

Thanks for stopping in and we'd love to have you as our customer! 

Miche Bag April 2012 Shells

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