Miche Sweet Charmers

Miche Charmers / Key Chains
Miche Sweet Charmers add a little candy to your bag. These simple little things show your style and make your bag unique.

Various shaped beads in beautiful colors and patterns plus silver-tone charms (Cotton Candy has gold hardware)  combine to add some sweetness and bling to your bag. Choose a charmer to match your bag, your mood or your purse-onality.

Charmers have a swivel lobster-claw clip to easily attach to your bag and the charms hang from a key ring to which you could also add your car or house keys.

Miche Charmers

a. Cotton Candy - sold out
b. Gumdrop
c. Taffy
d. Hope
e. Carmen
f. Angel - sold out
g. Raven
h. Mystic - sold out
i. Tiger
j. Heaven - sold out
k. Storm - sold out

Miche Hope Charmer and Key ChainMiche Carmen Chamer and Key ChainMiche Raven Charmer and Key Chain

Miche Mystic Chamer and Key ChainMiche Tiger Chamer and Key ChainMiche Storm Charmer and Key Ring
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