Miche Shells August 2012 Release

Miche Shells for Fall ~ August 2012

Miche Fearless Fall 2012 Collection

4 Petite Shells, 3 Classic Shells, 12 Demi Shells and 3 Prima Shells
plus new handles, hip bag and wallet:

Miche Shells August 2012 Release

August Miche Shells are hot, hot, hot! With 22 new Shells to choose from, you'll be stepping out in style! 

Roxy Petite Shell (sold out) Bre Petite ShellJackie Petite Shell
Hope Blue Petite Shell • Autumn Classic Shell (sold out) 
Lillian Classic Shell Hope Blue Classic Shell
Tina Demi ShellRenae Demi ShellMyranda Demi Shell
Madison Demi ShellKendra Demi ShellJoella Demi Shell
Hayden Demi Shell (sold out) • Flo Demi ShellEve Demi Shell
Clover Demi Shell • Briella Demi ShellHope Blue Demi Shell
Breanne Prima ShellMalorie Prima ShellHope Blue Prima Shell
Mya Hip Bag (sold out) • Textured Black Wallet (sold out)

Starting with this larger than ever Fearless Shell collection released in August, Miche will now be releasing products a season and collection at a time! All the products in the seasonal Miche catalog will be released at once making all those beautiful shells available to you immediately! 

August also brings new Hope Shells in Blue accented with dove grey detailing, these shells are of a navy blue lightweight canvas is screen printed with words of encouragement. A portion of the proceeds of every Hope Shell purchase supports our Hope Initiative. Miche Hope Shells in Blue for the Petite, Classic, Demi and Prima Bags.

Miche Hope Shells in Blue

If you see any Shells you can't live without, 
host a Virtual On-Line Party and get them free!

Miche Bags

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