Miche Luxe Collection Shells September 2012

September introduces the Miche Luxe Collection of Shells. Indulge yourself with tempting style and sophisticated details. These stunning Shells feature a little extra bling, undeniable allure and styling details, plus each Miche Luxe Shell comes with matching handles - a first for Miche - a key fob and a dust cover for easy storage of your Luxe Shell.

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 Miche LUXE Collection Sedona Classic Shell Lucerne Classic Shell Caramel Classic Shell Aspen Demi Shell Annecy Demi Shell Lincoln Demi Shell Quincy Prima Shell Marseille Prima Shell Miche Luxe Collection

a. Sedona Classic Luxe Shell       b. Lucerne Classic Luxe Shell
c. Carmel Classic Luxe Shell      d. Aspen Demi Luxe Shell
e.  Annecy Demi Luxe Shell      f. Lincoln Demi Luxe Shell
g. Quincy Prima Luxe Shell      h. Marseille Prima Luxe Shell

Miche Bags Luxe Collection

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