You'll Love the Miche Demi Bag and Shells

Shop all Miche Demi Shells and Miche Demi Base Bag
The Miche Demi Bag is the newest size in the Miche Bag line has become a favorite.

It's a mid-size bag that can hold all your daily essentials plus your iPad and more with ease.

Most Miche Demi Shells have two external pockets at each end and a few have zippered or flap pockets on the front.

A put my car keys and my phone in one outside pocket and attach a Miche Charmer to the handle on that end so I can always know, without digging, where my keys and phone are!

Miche Demi Shells 

Miche Demi Base BagShop all Miche Demi Shells and Miche Demi Base Bag

Miche Bag

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