Become a Miche Independent Representative

Would a little extra money
be a big deal to you?

Are you a stay-at-home mom who'd love a few hours out?
Are you a bored empty nester?
Are you a fashionista would would love a 35% discount?
Would you love a full-time job with part-time hours?
Join my Miche Team
become a

Miche Independent Representative!

Why Miche?
  • It's FUN!
  • Miche Bags practically sell themselves
  • Set your own hours
  • No minimum monthly purchases required
  • Business Starter Kit has everything you need, including purses
  • You get your own personal Miche website - everything's done for you! 
  • Receive orders on your Miche website
  • New products every month means repeat customers
  • Miche Bags can only be purchased from Miche Representatives (not sold in stores)
  • Fabulous training videos and support gets you started quickly
  • Earning an income doesn't have to be boring
  • Multiple ways to earn income (I just won a Bahamas Cruise for 2!)
You already love Miche Bags and Shells, so why not earn an excellent income by helping others fall in love with our Miche too?

Become a Miche Representative

Miche Bags

 Shop the interchangeable VERSA Signature Handbag that utilizes the Miche patents at

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