Miche LaNor Demi Shell - Backpack

Miche LaNor Demi Shell - Backpack | Shop MyStylePurses.com

The Miche LaNor Demi Shell can be carried as a purse or worn as a backpack. Urban Shells have discreet rear bottom loops that give you the freedom to turn this Demi bag into a backpack whenever you want to! Ways you carry LaNor are limited only by your imagination: traditional, cross-body and backpack.

White canvas Shell features a floral print in delicate shades of pink, yellow and green. Front snap-flap and side-pocket trim are burnt-sienna faux leather. Comes with two (2) matching adjustable straps for truly endless possibilities. Strap measurements: 21 ¼” to 39 ½” long x 1” wide; 1 ¼” carabiners. Oval bottom. (Handles ARE included, Base Bag NOT included)

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Close Up of Miche LaNor Demi Shell - Backpack | Shop MyStylePurses.com

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