Miche March 2014 Release

The Miche March 2014 Release is all about luxury. The Luxe Collection, that is. Caracas is a cool mint green handbag with gunmetal hardware and rivet detailing. The Montreal is black laser perforated layer over white with illusion belt detailing.

 Miche Luxe Caracas Shells | Shop MyStylePurses.com

Each Luxe Shell comes with matching handles, a key fob and a dust cover for storage. The Luxe Shells come in Classic, Demi and Prima sizes. The Montreal Shells have been retired and are no longer available.

 Miche Luxe Montreal Shells | Shop MyStylePurses.com

 Shop the interchangeable VERSA Signature Handbag that utilizes the Miche patents at MyStyleInASnap.com

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