Miche January 2015 Release

The Miche January 2015 Release features new colors for January that go well with your cold weather wardrobe while helping you look forward to Spring.

Miche Carmen Collection

Carmen is perfect with your scarves and winter boots, but will also pair well with light jackets and spring dresses once the snow has started to melt. The color is neutral, yet warm. The gold metal accents are rich and luxurious. Put these qualities together and you have as close to the perfect handbag as you could hope for. The Carmen features soft faux leather in toasty camel. Pleating detail and a bounty of shiny gold rivets make this a must-have for your collection.

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Miche Ruby Collection:

Like an unexpected kiss, the Miche Ruby Collection is refreshing and joyful. Wear Ruby on snowy days for a bold blast of color. Marble-textured faux leather in enchanting berry is offset by trim in a lighter shade. Silver-bar hardware on the ends adds just the right amount of sass. The look is young and chic—embrace it!

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Miche Serena Collection 

Spread your wings and fly with our delightful Serena Bucket Bag and accessories. Cream canvas fabric features a custom butterfly and dragonfly print in shades of chocolate, tan, taupe and ochre.

Miche Serena Collection available at MyStylePurses.com

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Miche January 2015 Release

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