Storing & Caring for Miche Bags

The best way to store your Miche Shells is to keep them in a cool, dry area and stack them flat with plain white tissue paper or soft white cloth (such as a diaper) between each shell to prevent color transfer and scratching.

Miche Classic Shells & Petite Shells Closet Organizer
Classic/Petite Shell Storage
Miche Bag Closet Organizer for Prima and Demi Shells
Prima/Demi Shell Storage
You can also use a Miche Bag Closet Organizer. The Organizers come in two sizes - Prima & Demi and Classic & Petite. The organizer is ideal for easy access and storage of Miche Bag shells. With its sleek design, and the minimal space it takes up, you may be inspired to reorganize your whole closet!

Classic Shells & Petite Shells
DO NOT TRI-FOLD THEM to store them. This will cause unnatural bends in the shells and they will pull away from the base bag when attached. Fold the classic or petite shells in half along one of the sides where it meets the bottom.

**For Classic Shells with base feet, when stacking them, be sure to rotate the shells so the base feet match up with the inside of any shell you place on top or below each other to prevent indents from the feet into your shells.

Changing Classic & Petite Shells
When you change your Classic or Petite Shells, grasp the shell from the top center, not the side corners to prevent "dog ear" bent corners. Also be careful with fingernails so as to not scratch your shells.

Cleaning Shells
Canvas, vinyl or cotton shells can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent on a clean cloth.
Faux leather, faux croc shells should be cleaned with warm water and a damp cloth only, no detergent.
Do not ScotchGard bags or shells - this will void any warranty.

Cleaning Base Bags
Miche Base Bags are made of both natural and man-made fibers. Use a damp cloth and warm water. You can use a mild detergent if needed.

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