Can a Laptop Fit in a Miche Prima Bag?

Miche Prima Bag is perfect to carry a laptop or iPad in style
Absolutely! The Miche Prima Bag is the perfect bag to hold your laptop, your iPad, your iPod, your work files, and basically double as a ultra-sophisticated, feminine briefcase.

But...the secret to the Miche Prima Bag as a laptop holder is you can HIDE your laptop in the space between the Base Bag and the outer decorative Shell! Only you'll know it's there!*

(*Be sure to add a carabiner ring to at least one end of your bag so your Base Bag and Shell are attached together and your Shell cannot fall off causing your laptop to hit the floor. Add a charmer to the carabiner for a little bling!)

Any why be stuck with one boring briefcase or computer case? Changed your outfit? Change your briefcase too by changing your Prima Bag's "Shell" as often as you change your look.

Miche Prima Bag interior
Miche Prima Bag exterior

The Miche Prima Shells slip over the Miche Prima Base Bag and then "snap" into place by folding the two top slide flaps of the shell over the top sides of the base bag and snap, they are held together with earth magnets that won't let go (they are credit card and computer friendly.)

So what are you waiting for, go shop the collection of Miche Prima Bags now and carry your laptop in style.

Here are just a few of our favorite Prima Shells
Click on images to get details, pricing and to order:

Miche Breanne Prima Shell Miche Malorie Prima Shell Miche Amanda Prima Shell Miche Robie Prima Shell Miche Pat Prima Shell Miche Bag Tereasa Prima Shell Miche Bag Parker Prima Shell Miche Bag Kendal Prima Shell Miche Bag Rihanna Prima Shell Miche Bag Melanie Prima Shell Miche Bag Adrianna Prima Shell Miche Bag Farrah Prima Shell Miche Bag Rosalyn Prima Shell Miche Bag Lexi Prima Shell Miche Bag Jocelynne Prima Shell Miche Bag Janice Prima Shell Miche Bag Neisha Prima Shell Miche Bag Donna Prima Shell 

You can also change your Prima Bag from two handles to one handle with the Single Handle Conversion Kit to switch handles or buy extra 1 inch carabiners and 1-1/2 inch carabiners.

Miche Bag Conversion Kit to carry bag with one single handle

 Shop the interchangeable VERSA Signature Handbag that utilizes the Miche patents at


  1. Hi there - Just wanted to send a note as I just received a Miche Prima Bag and 4 shells last weekend. The second day I used the bag I did the trick you describe above of putting the laptop in between the base bag and shell as you described. While walking through Target the magnets let go and the shell (with my laptop) came flying off and hit the floor, popping off the back cover of the laptop. This is an Ultrabook which only weighs about 3 lbs. I will still use the bag but I won't be putting it inbetween the base and shell anymore!

    1. Dear Anonymous, so sorry to hear about your laptop! I always carry the Prima Bag with one handle that is attached with a carabiner ring through the grommets at the end of the Base Bag and the Shell. Because the Bag and the Shell are then held together with carabiner rings at each end for the handle, it is impossible for the Shell to come off and the accident you had couldn't happen. If you're carrying with two handles attached to the handle tabs, you might also want to add a carabiner ring through the grommet holes on the end and add one of our Charmers for decoration. That way, your Shell can never fall off your bag. Thanks for telling us your story so we can add this caution to our article. P.S. And thanks for shopping with us!


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