Miche Long Brown Handles for Classic, Demi, Prima

Miche Long Brown Handles
The optional Miche Long Brown Handles come as a set of two handles.

Length:  28"
Width: 1"
Handle Drop: 14"

These handles work on the Classic, Demi and Prima base bags.

They do not come with carabiner rings. When you change handles, leave the carabiner rings on the base bag so switching to other fashion handle options is fast and easy.

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To carry any bag with a single handle, order the single handle conversion kit.

Brown Chain Handles (2) $14.95

Length:  23.5"    Width: 1"     Handle Drop: 11"
(no carabiner rings included)
Miche Bag brown chain handles

Brown Croc Handle (2) $6.45

Faux leather handle featuring a croc pattern in varying shade of brown.
Length:  20"     Width:  1-1/2"     Handle Drop:  10"
     (no carabiner rings included) 
Miche Bag Brown Croc Handle

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