I'm Not Clumsy, It's Just The Floor Hates Me

A few weeks before Christmas, my husband was out of town and the cleaning clutter bug bit me...bad. I had the carpets cleaned, the windows cleaned, I was even down to cleaning the rocks that surround the candle that sits in a beautiful dish in my entry (you'd have to see it to agree with me.) I mean, I was tearing through my house and leaving nothing untouched.

One morning, I was so happy to have finally gone through the stack of old magazines I swore I kept because there was one thing in there I would need in the future, I decided I'd grab the stack of them, my iPad, my phone, my purse, the empty glass to put in the dishwasher, and who knows what else I had managed to gather up to take downstairs.

Anyway, I always, :'( I can't say that now) hold onto the rail on our curving staircase cause I've been know to be less than graceful and usually trip up the stairs. So at the top of the stairs, arms full of my decluttering, I looked to the side and down at my feet to start down the stairs.

About the third step from the bottom, I stepped on one of the dog's toys, twisted sideways, threw everything up in the air in a desperate attempt to grab the rail, while my momentum was launching me toward a spectacular crash landing on my right side on the tile floor (iPad and phone survived the crash with their protective covers.)

Once I was able to take a breath, I very slowly rolled over and sat up. A quick run through of my aches and pains, ended with knowing my foot/ankle was going to require x-rays. I'd start there and see what else kept hurting as I called my sister for a ride to the doctor. After two clinics, x-rays, then an appointment with my favorite podiatrist, Dr. Aziaz the following day, (yes I have a favorite after my son breaking his ankles 4 times in sports), and a fabulous lunch with my sister as we watched an easter egg size bruise grow on the top of my foot, I was the not-so-happy wearer of an ugly Velcro boot contraption.

So, this story is told as an explanation to my dilemma this morning. After I had tromped and stomped all the way downstairs (holding onto the rail) I realized I had the Lillian Classic Shell on my Miche Classic bag.  While her beautiful plum color and croc texture is lovely, she didn't go with my brown, white and gold abstract leopard shirt and brown pants. (Yes, I love animal prints, leopard especially.)

So was it worth it to tromp back up the stairs and down again just for a Shell to match my outfit? After the fact, I can say yes. The lovely Kandace Classic Shell is just gorgeous and the perfect accent for my outfit.

Now, that my purse is dressed, I can finally leave for the office!

Kandace Classic Shell Closeup
So what did I wear today?
     The Kandace Classic Shell $29.95  (requires Classic Base Bag $34.95 one time purchase)
     Black Rope Handles $19.95 (converted to a single handle)
     Taffy Charmer (sold out but there are others at the link)
          Tip: I always put a charmer on the end of my bag where my keys
                are so I don't have to dig for them.

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