A Fashionista Blogger/Photog I Am Not

Violet Classic Miche Shell
One of my New Year's thoughts (I don't do resolutions anymore) was that I need to make my blogs (yes, I have more than one) more personal. That was the easy part. Deciding how to do that... not so much.

I'm not a fashionista. Yes, I do wash and curl my hair every morning. I wouldn't think of going out of the house without lipstick - mascara I forget - but every other type of makeup in my drawer, check. I do review my outfit in my full length mirror - front, side and back view (the back view has cause many last minute wardrobe changes) before I leave the house.

I'm not a brand name/designer shopper. My wardrobe choices are safe. Nice. Nothing too flashy or trendy. So how was I going to make a blog about my Miche Bag business more personal?

I've been carrying a Miche Bag for years and loved them so much I have now been selling them for over a year. I carry one always - usually a Classic or Demi, a Petite when I travel or a quick trip to the mall and a Prima for a briefcase or a trip to the movies. I have been known to wear the same Shell (gasp!) for days and days, and over the summer I carried my Kinsley pewter Demi Shell (so sad she's sold out now) for months because she matched my cute pair of pewter sandals with crystal beads on the straps.

Anyway, the whole reason Miche purses are sooooo fabulous - at least the magic that makes us different - is that you can change your purse's Shell to fit your mood, your outfit, the occasion or whatever. So why wasn't I changing my Shells?

So, back to New Year's thoughts. I'm going to make a point of changing my Shells to fit my moods and my outfits and I'll share them both (moods and Shells) on my blog. Now I just have to figure out how to become a fashion photographer!

So what did I wear today?
     The Violet Classic Shell $29.95  (requires Classic Base Bag $34.95 one time purchase)
     Black Rope Handles $19.95 (converted to a single handle)
     Taffy Charmer (sold out)
          Tip: I always put a charmer on the end of my bag where my keys
                are so I don't have to dig for them.
     Purple Leopard Sweater (Christmas present) and black jeans

 It's not about brand...it's about Style ~ MyStylePurses.com


 Shop the interchangeable VERSA Signature Handbag that utilizes the Miche patents at MyStyleInASnap.com

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  1. What a great blog.... down to earth and the way we feel about how we look sometmes, and get in a rut but I love my Miche purses and they are so easy to change the jacket. Thanks to my daughters who sell them, I have a good stock and love each one. Martha


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