Popcorn and My Parker Prima Bag

Ebony Classic Shell
Cinthia Classic Shell
Last night I was all dressed in a cute silver grey sparkly sweater, fun black pants with a silver embroidered swirl on the leg, and was deciding which Shell -- the black croc textured Ebony or the silver ruffled Cinthia Classic Shell -- looked best with my outfit for  a night with friends to the movies and dinner when...

My husband totally changed my plans with the words "You need to carry your big purse tonight." Since when did he notice what size purse or shell I carried?  The answer? He had bought popcorn to smuggle into the movie and my Prima Bag was the perfect size to carry it without discovery.

So, I pulled out my favorite. The chartreuse Parker Shell on my Prima Bag provided an unexpected color pop for my outfit and hid my husband's popcorn. The movie, Lincoln, was an interesting history lesson for us having been raised in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, and dinner with friends was divine.

Parker Prima Shell

I kept my eye on the Parker Shell for a long time before I ordered her, and she's one of my favorites!

If you like any of these three Shells, order them now because they're going to be gone very soon!

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